Peter Dobbin: The Art of Book and Game Illustration

I am fortunate to meet many, many talented people in publishing, illustration and design as I research my fantasy novel series – and none more so than Peter Dobbin.

Peter is a highly gifted and much-in-demand concept and graphic artist as well as an illustrator of books, games and comics, including the Harry-Potter games for EA games, no less.

Peter would certainly be one of my choices of illustrator for my novels, set as they are in a part of London both he and I find creatively stimulating as the ‘Personal Projects’ section of his website portfolio amply attests.

Peter’s eye for the nuance and detail of east London life is extraordinary: he manages to make a wood-slat rubbish bin beneath a looming concrete overpass in a deserted park look menacing; the weed-strangled pavement seems to writhe with resentment at the trainers that tramp disinterestedly across it. And that is exactly the feel those forgotten and abandoned corners of east London have about them; lonely places where few locals dare venture and rarely glimpse as they go blithely about their daily lives  and Peter’s work captures that perfectly.

Peter has very kindly allowed me to use some of his artwork in this post (all rights remain with the artist) to give a feel for the area in which my books are set as well as what the man himself is capable of.

Should anyone wish to contact him regarding illustration work, Peter informs me he is always available to consider new projects, and you can see more examples of his work at his website.

Contact Peter at or through his website.

Fig 1. [Character/Environment] Local gang/The mean streets of Leytonstone, east London

Fig 2. [Character/Environment]  Bus ride to hell (or Hackney Road as it’s known locally)

Fig 3. [Character] Street kid ‘chilling’ in South Tottenham after dark

Fig 4. [Character] Hideous monsters from another dimension? Or east London locals after a few too many cans of White Star?

Fig 5. [Character] DIY zombie surgeon (Waltham Forest NHS trust is in need of a best practice review )

Fig 5. [Character] East London characters – ‘Spare some change, guv?’


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